Not Just Another Insurance Company

Founded in 1998 by Ted Huneycutt, Jr, himself a fifth-generation farmer, Benchmark Ag-Risk Management was started to meet the very real risks facing every modern farmer today.

Benchmark breaks new ground for our farming enterprise and agri-business clients by offering a broad set of products and services that include all the essential pieces for effective, complete risk management.  The Benchmark advantages lies in our expert insurance product knowledge and our ability to tie that insurance foundation into a comprehensive marketing program that not only protects you from risk of loss, but can help you capture higher profits.

Product Knowledge

We understand crop insurance and know how to explain it to our clients.  By utilizing the latest tools available, we help our clients visualize how their policy is working for them across varying levels of yield and price.


At Benchmark, we increase our level of accuracy by cross-referencing all client insurance information with their local FSA office and by utilizing computer mapping software to generate maps of all their fields.  Each client receives a customized map book each year.

Comprehensive Grain Marketing System

All Benchmark Ag-Risk Management clients are automatically enrolled in the AgVantagePlus marketing program.  This program incorporates the fundamentals of the client’s crop insurance policy with a unique grain marketing system.