AgVantagePlus is a new program from Benchmark designed to provide our clients with a distinct edge in their risk management and farm revenue goals. The program is available exclusively to Benchmark agri-insurance clients and will require NO membership fees.

AgVantagePlus, or AVP for short, is like having a full risk management, marketing and research team on your farm staff—a team dedicated to cutting your RM costs and maximizing your profit potential. Here are the services AVP will provide to every Benchmark Ag-Risk Management client:

  • Crop and Farm Insurance: Here you will receive the same experienced and professional service we’ve offered for years. Our agents will meet with you, evaluate your risk management objectives and provide tailored, easy-to-understand insurance options that meet your requirements with precision. Because of our expert product knowledge, you’ll get the most out of every insurance dollar you spend without unneeded policy options and bloated costs.
  • Crop Marketing Consulting: Once your foundational risk is covered with your selected crop or farm insurance policy, we’ll continue to work with you throughout the marketing year to watch for your best selling opportunities–whether with cash sales, forward contracts, HTAs, or futures and options contracts. Our marketing team monitors both your local market and futures prices to help you identify the right selling opportunities and then communicates our recommended sales strategies. Our sales recommendations have a track record of capturing the top 25-30% or better of the sales market for our clients.
  • Expert Brokerage Services: When your marketing strategy calls for hedging futures or options contracts, every AVP client qualifies for our professional brokerage services at reduced commission rates. Each of our clients is assigned a dedicated Benchmark futures broker, meaning you’ll always be speaking with the same professional who is already familiar with all aspects of your account and understands the context and goals of your marketing strategies.
  • Market Commentary, Daily Reports, and Live Quotes: Every AgVantagePlus client is given access to our members-only website where they can listen to our daily audio market commentary, read our written market reports and view live market quotes. Plus—we’re making all of this available on the new Benchmark AVP phone app! Listen to our commentary, view our reports and review live quotes whenever and wherever you are!

Cost-effective risk management, year-round market analysis and sales strategy recommendations, professional brokerage services, online and phone app tools to help make better decisions—this is a unique set of services and tools only offered by Benchmark Ag-Risk Management!